Should You Act As Your Own Modular Home General Contractor

You may be tempted to act as your own modular home general contractor but are afraid of getting in over your head. And rightfully so!  That’s why I don’t encourage those without construction experience to take the do-it-yourself route.

Why You Might Act as Your Own Modular Home General Contractor

A man and a woman acting as their own modular home general contractor as they work on the ceiling of their home
Acting as the modular home general contractor is more manageable than acting as the GC on a stick home

Although I strongly recommend hiring a professional general contractor with modular home experience, modular home construction is a much better way to act as your own general contractor while building your first home. This is primarily because there is less on-site construction work to do than with stick building and it is more defined and manageable. Also, if you want to complete some of the construction tasks yourself, you are less likely to be overwhelmed by the work because the tasks are more limited in scope. If you’re considering acting as your own modular home general contractor, I strongly recommend that you purchase a copy of my book, The Modular Home. Although it will not turn amateur home builders into modular professionals, it will to help you make the right decisions and stay on budget and on schedule.
For more information about whether you should build your modular home on your own, see Why Build Modular, Selecting a General Contractor, and The General Contractor’s Responsibilities for Building a Modular Home in my book The Modular Home.