Modular Home Resale Value

Customers often ask whether modular home resale value is the same as for a comparable site-built home when it is first built and later when it is resold. As far as professional bank appraisers are concerned, the answer to both is yes.

Why Modular Home Resale Value Is Strong

Strong modular home resale value as shown by a toy home resting in a bird nest
If you select a desirable community, a good design with popular amenities, and build it with a quality-conscious manufacturer and contractor, your modular home resale value will be very good with both appraisers and customers

When a bank appraiser assesses the value of a site-built home and a modular home that are built to the same specifications and located in the same neighborhood, she applies the same appraisal rules to both homes and comes up with the same value. Likewise, most people shopping for a new home evaluate a house with their eyes in terms of its perceived quality. Few people have any idea who built a house or how it was built, and most really do not care. Once a house is constructed, its resale value is determined by how it appears to potential buyers, not its pedigree. What matters is whether you select a good house design, equip it with desirable amenities, and have it designed by an experienced modular home builder.  Then your modular home needs to be built by a quality-conscious manufacturer and general contractor and located in a desirable community.  If you do all of these things, you will do very well on your modular resale value with both appraisers and customers. The same holds true for stick-built houses. In other words, neither form of construction has an advantage when it comes time to resell.
For more information about modular home resale value, see Why Build Modular in my book The Modular Home.