Building Codes and Modular homes

Modular dealers and manufacturers are responsible for building homes that meet the state’s building codes. However, the customer or general contractor should check with the local building department to learn if they enforce any building codes that differ from those of the state. If any governmental institutions are financing the home, they may also have specific code requirements. If any adjustments to code requirements are necessary, the dealer should be told soon enough to incorporate them into their order with the manufacturer. Any additional costs will be the responsibility of the customer.

Preemptive Building Codes

In theory, this should not be a concern in any state with a preemptive building code, since all building inspectors in that state must comply regardless of their personal preferences. In practice, however, some local inspectors will choose to enforce a few more stringent building codes, or a few building codes more stringently, sometimes without recognizing that they are doing so. Knowing this in advance can prevent conflicts down the road.

A quality control checklist of building codes and practices used by Manorwood Homes of Emlenton, PA.
Modular home factories use quality control checklists to ensure that each home is built to the manufacturer’s standards and the state building codes

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