Modular Mansions

Modular builders in Greenwich, Connecticut, the shore of New Jersey, Westchester County in New York, Atlanta Georgia – indeed, across America – have built several multimillion dollar modular mansions. Certainly part of what makes these homes so expensive is the cost of the land. But it is the things these modular builders are doing to make their homes into modular mansions that makes them sell quickly to very happy customers.

Many three-story modular mansions have been built
Superior quality, speed, and reliability are why high end custom stick builders are using modular construction to build modular mansions

How to Make Modular Homes into Modular Mansions

Some of the builders start by working closely with an architect.Allof them select manufacturers who have creative engineering departments and flexible purchasing and production staffs as well as experience building several modular mansions over the years. They complete many of their modular mansions exterior embellishments and interior and exterior flourishes on site with local subcontractors. Some builders use top-of-the-line production cabinets, while others install custom cabinetry made by a local woodworking shop. The same goes for interior doors and moldings, with custom crown moldings, chair rail, and wainscoting complimenting impeccably detailed window and door trim. It is not uncommon for the builders to skim coat all of the drywall with plaster before repainting the entire home. They finish it with custom hardwood, tile, and laminate flooring. And they landscape the property to perfection.

Why Build Modular Mansions in Multi-Million Dollar Neighborhoods

Why do these builders use modular homes to construct multimillion-dollar mansions? Cost is one reason, of course, but reliability, speed, and quality are the principle incentives, since the local subcontractors are too busy and their quality is too inconsistent. With such success, these cutting-edge, luxury builders have no intention of going back to stick construction. And neither should you!
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