Order Matching Modular Materials for Your Site-Built Structures

If you are building structures on site that require modular materials that match the house, such as siding and shingles for a garage, the general contractor should order these modular materials from the modular manufacturer so that it can ship them with the home; these uninstalled modular materials are often called “ship-loose.”

A partial list of modular materials that might need to be ordered from the factory for site-built structures
A partial list of modular materials you might need to order from the modular factory for your site-built structures

Matching Exterior Modular Materials

For example, the GC will need all of the siding accessories, such as corner posts, J-channel, and starter strip. He will need drip edge and ridge vent for the roof, along with soffit and fascia for the roof overhangs. Matching windows and shutters, as well as mantels and pediments, might be necessary if the GC is to make his site-built structures blend in with your modular home. Ordering exterior door locksets and lights for the site installed doors will allow him to match the site installed doors with those installed with your modular home. .

Matching Interior Modular Materials

If you want the interior of site-built structures to match the interior modular materials of your home, the GC should order all of the moldings, interior doors, paint, and stain to match. He can even order matching plumbing fixtures for site-built bathrooms.
Ask your GC for his list of ship-loose modular materials and their quantities as soon as possible, since GCs tend to procrastinate on creating this list. Ideally, the dealer will have a list of potential items to help guide the GC. Should you want to order ship-loose modular materials that are different from materials being used on your house, be sure to tell the dealer.
For more information about selecting matching modular materials, see Modular Home Specifications and Features and The General Contractor’s Responsibilities for Building a Modular Home in my book The Modular Home.