Start Now to Move into Your Home by Summer or Fall

If you’re thinking about moving into your new home before the end of the year, you’ll need to make an appointment with us in the next couple of weeks.  This will enable us to put together the details for your home design, preferred specifications, and pricing.  This will in turn allow you to decide whether we can help you.

It Takes 24 to 42 Weeks from Start to Move-in

You might think that starting in February is too early.  But if you consider how long each step takes – from the start of shopping to the day your home is ready for your occupancy, you’ll discover that you can only meet your goal if you start immediately.
Below is the number of weeks each step takes most customers.  Note that each step must be completed before you can complete the next one.  This is important because you can’t speed up the process nor make up for lost time by doing several steps at the same time:
2 to 6 Weeks       Finalize your design, material selections, and pricing
1 to 2 Weeks       Decide whether we can help you
2 to 4 Weeks       Receive state approved building plans
2 to 4 Weeks       Obtain required permits
4 to 6 Weeks       Close on the construction loan (assuming you need financing)
5 to 8 Weeks       Authorize the modular factory to build and deliver your home
8 to 12 Weeks     Complete the on-site construction
Adding up the time it takes to complete all the steps, you need 24 to 42 weeks from the day you first meet with us to the day you move-in with your family.  This translates into 6 to 10 months.  If you start in February, the earliest you’re likely to enjoy your new home is August. If you take 8 months, which is much more likely than 6, you’ll take occupancy in October.  And if you take 10 months, you’ll be lucky to celebrate the holidays in your new home.

Waiting Can Cause You to Make Critical Mistakes

There’s another very important reason you should start now.  You won’t have to rush through any of the steps to keep on schedule.  If you wait several weeks, you’ll either have to hurry through the steps – especially your design, selections, and pricing – or delay your move-in date.  But when you try to shorten some of the steps, you’re prone to make mistakes, which you’ll later come to regret.
Here’s yet another critical reason to start now.  You’ll be able to take advantage of the historically low interest rates.  This will save you tens of thousands of dollars over the course of the typical 30 year loan.

We Can Help You without Any Cost or Obligation

The Home Store can help you get started without without any cost or obligation. Our salesperson will generate a quotation for the plan of your choice using our Modular Estimate (60 pages of detail) and Contractor Estimate (20 – 50 pages of detail). Please click on the links to see some sample pages from each form.
With these estimates, you won’t be left guessing what you’re getting or what you’re paying. If you then decide to build your new home with us, we will finalize the design, specification, and pricing steps over the next month or two so that you can build your home on your schedule.
Please call us with any questions or to set up an appointment.
For more information about why you should start shopping now if you want to move into your new home by summer, see Building a Modular Home on Schedule, Selecting a Modular Home Dealer , Selecting a General Contractor, and Designing a Modular Home in my book The Modular Home.